Navneet started its children division in 1959. The objective was to create innovative and engaging books for children of all ages and make them familiar with the world of knowledge beyond usual curriculum. Books under this division are created specifically for different age groups, and are written, designed and approved by veterans from education industry.

To keep these books contemporary and relevant to evolving generations, Navneet puts a lot of efforts in research and studies. The wide range of early and primary years books, picture books, activity books, learning books and story books is continuously updated with new creative titles and concepts. These beautiful books will surely be your prized possessions and be on your shelf for years to come.

One of the biggest advantages of these books is that Navneet understands the cultural and emotional make-up of this land and incorporates it in the books where relevant. Today, Navneet’s children division has over 800 titles which are available across India. A name that is synonymous with education is also now a trusted partner in imparting holistic learning.

Educational Books

Digest- Your ready reference guide

Navneet Digest is the best companion for students- it is a single-source where they can find all that is relevant to textbook lessons in an easy to understand format.

The Digest for each subject for each class is prepared to cater to the specific need of the students. Each Digest has its student-friendly features to make learning easy and meaningful. Every Navneet Digest is carefully revised and updated to include any change in the syllabus or paper pattern.

Why Navneet Digest?
  • Independent study material
  • Ready reference book
  • User-friendly educational aid
  • Easy and lucid explanation

21 Sets- Synonymous with exam success for the past 35 years!

Question Paper Sets are specially prepared to help students appearing for the Board Exams (X & XII). ‘21 Most Likely Question Sets’ is the one book which everyone closely associates with Navneet. These books are revised and updated regularly to include the latest changes in the syllabi and paper pattern prescribed by the Board.

Why 21 Most Likely Question Sets?
  • Effective skills of writing answers
  • Intelligent methods of studying a subject in limited time
  • Precise ways of presenting answers
  • Prioritizing and categorizing topics for efficient learning
  • Explanation and special tips on each question type
  • Model answers to important questions

Children Books

Children are naturally curious. Curious to know more about everything – be it colors, objects, or a language. To help satiate this curiosity, Navneet has a treasure trove of beautifully produced books for children.

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General Books

The general book category will give you an overall view of our prestigious publications which are useful in day-to-day life. These categories include

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