For it is in giving that we receive

The Navneet Foundation has been constantly redefining its philosophy. What has always remained constant is the belief system – that true wealth is received only through the act of comforting and nurturing the lives of fellow beings.
In existence since 2013, the Navneet Foundation has played a leadership role in the fields of healthcare, disaster relief, affordable housing, education, tribal welfare, and other areas of public service. Going a step beyond donations and charity, programs at the Foundation are built around reducing the carbon footprint, helping downtrodden communities, and creating affordable housing for the needy through the construction of schools, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, and animal shelters.

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Other initiatives:

  • Navneet Chhas Kendra
  • Animal Welfare
  • Tribal Welfare
  • A village for children
  • Care for Environment

The Foundation looks towards becoming a credible partner for companies to design and implement innovative and impactful CSR activities across several fields. Apart from being a CSR-compliant partner, Navneet Foundation partners with local NGOs doing extraordinary on-ground work. With managerial acumen and the backing of a network of donors, the Foundation hopes to become a nodal agency for smaller NGOs looking to access companies with CSR mandates. Navneet Foundation intends to work closely with companies and grassroots NGOs to ensure that value is provided to all stakeholders and maximum public good accrues for CSR compliant social projects.

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