“Youva, the stationery brand from Navneet Education Limited, is all set to launch a range of a quirky and different set of long books for the Youth – “The Denim Series”. Denim has always been a part of day to day fashion amongst the youth and now Youva gives a cool style statement through this unique set of Denim long books!

Denim was first seen in the 16th century, but Levis Strauss was the man who popularized the material in 1870. The word ‘jeans’ comes from the word “Genes” which is the French word for the city Genoa. The smaller pockets in the larger pocket of your jeans were originally designed for a pocket watch, and now Youva gives you a little paper pocket on the front cover.

The book has a unique USP of having a denim print which makes the book stand out from the clutter along with a paper denim pocket. The Denim Long book has a series of different colors -light blue, dark blue and black. The quirky quote inside the pocket keeps the look of the product intact, even if the pocket is damaged/torn off.”