There’s so much more to professional tutoring than just teaching. And there’s no one who understands this more than us. After all, Navneet Education has a sixty plus years legacy of educating millions of Indians.

And now, we at Navneet FutureTech Limited, are proud to launch BeMasterly – a digital tutoring platform to empower independent tutors and coaching institutes.

BeMasterly not only makes your job easier, it offers you all the tools you need to operate like a professional. It automates and digitises administration, communication, and other educational activities before, during, and after a tuition class to ensure that you get more time to focus on your core expertise – teaching.

Advantages of using BeMasterly
  • Be more professional – BeMasterly elevates your focus and efficiency.
  • Be more successful – BeMasterly enhances your brand appeal.
  • Be more prosperous – BeMasterly helps you save time and increases your revenue.
  • Be more connected – BeMasterly enables you to engage better with parents and students.
  • Be more relaxed – BeMasterly offers you a dedicated Success Manager.
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NAVNEET TOPTECH is a fast growing digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India.

NAVNEET TOPTECH is precisely an attempt to contribute to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At NAVNEET TOPTECH, we engineer solutions that enrich the teaching and learning experience.

Experience. Execution. Excellence.

NAVNEET TOPTECH believes that leadership in any field is essential. In order to be an effective educational leader one must foster a conception of excellence within the classrooms. This is where we hand out. Time has proved that Navneet is the part of Educational Revolution and now as a sister concern of’s our part to play. We provide a number of NAVNEET TOPTECH Solutions so as to boil down the complex issues of education and provide a concise statement of what needs to be done.

With the future of the country in the hands of educationalist, NAVNEET TOPTECH has taken on the responsibility of cultivating the future leaders by equipping our children with syllabus based 2D and 3D multimedia animations

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Once upon a time, Leapbridge was a preschool

Now, Leapbridge is building an online learning tool.

It’s a safe space for kids to play and grow,

A place that is gamified and much more.

We want to deliver the best quality,

That’s why our lessons are immersive and multisensory.

We have made 800+ books and games till date,

And are sure to add many more to our plate.

Soon we shall launch this interactive experience,

Stay informed, be the first to play.

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